With the oceans and seasons beginning to deteriorate before our eyes we must act fast and treat our planets resources with care! After working in New York City seeing firsthand how the fashion + textile industries pays little attention to their impact on the environment, I decided to start my quest to save the planet in a small way and begin the sustainable ZERO WASTE effort within knot + stitch shop. Inspired in part by the book Slow Fashion by Safia Minney, she truly gets to the depths of how our planet has been affected.

When I create I make sure my materials are ethically sourced and that I am only buying what I need. During the creation process I collect every scrap of excess fabric and paper, and then donate to Goodwill or recycle them. It's fun finding creative ways to reuse materials, it helps the environment and my wallet! I also reuse boxes from packages I receive to help reduce waste. My plan is to expand ZERO WASTE products and materials within 2017, keep your eyes peeled!


ZERO WASTE is especially visible with the denim basket/plant holders. The lifecycle of the denim is super cool, these jeans are on their second life!