About knot + Stitch

Hey there kittens, I'm Katie! (or as my friends call me...Kitten, Kate, Ktizzle, Cherub...the list goes on. Take your pick, I'll respond to any of them)

I run knot + stitch shop out of my little studio in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Combining my love for textiles and planet earth, I launched knot + stitch shop in November 2016. After living in New York City as a designer in the fast fashion world, I realized it was time to open my own shop filled with mindfully created handmade items that are good for the environment.

My number one priority is making beautiful pieces, the ethical way. Right now I create baskets with Zero Waste, and plan to expand the product + material selection in the near future. If you want to read more about that, check out the 'ZERO WASTE' page.

Follow along with my adventures at knotandstitchshop